All Fees and Expenses are Required in Advance


(fee is included in amounts shown below)

Summons, with or without Complaint, Subpoena; etc.

$17.00 For each person served Plus mileage


■    We require an additional copy of all summonses or other civil process received

       for service, for our files. If you do not include one, $10.00 will be charged to

       make a copy. If you fax the summons to us, you will be billed $20.00 for copies.


■    These papers will not be accepted with a PO Box for an address, we must

       have a street address, preferably the 911 address.

■    If substitute service is necessary, an additional $2.00 will be charged for the mailing.


$47.00         Serve/execute order or mandate
                                                  Plus mileage


1. Notice of Petition and Petition
                              $62.00          Serve one defendant
                              $47.00          Serve additional defendant
                                                   Plus mileage


 Eviction RPAPL 221 & 749
                               $107.00       Serve one defendant
                               $17.00         Serve additional defendant
                                                   Plus Mileage (times 2) (Chart Attached)

                               $92.00         Serve and execute against one defendant
                               $42.00         Execute against additional defendant
                               $17.00         Serve additional copy on another defendant,
                                                   Or to serve summons with the papers
                                                   Plus mileage

  **If serving an Order of Seizure on a mobile home that is occupied, add $15.00 for each notice to vacate

that must be served.

 PROPERTY EXECUTIONS -written instructions must be sent with the execution for the action you wish to be taken. You must send an original and 4 copies of the execution.

1. Levy by service on a Garnishee
                               $77.00         Serve and levy on a garnishee ** see note
                                                   Plus mileage

                   plus      $45.00        when a bank levy on a natural person. Must include 2 copies of notice of exemption

                                                  and 3 copies of exemption claim form when submitting execution.

                                                  Plus mileage

               **Note: When we serve a garnishee with the execution: If CPLR 5232(c) has not been complied with, add $15.00 for the "Notice to Judgment Debtor" service as authorized by CPLR  8011(h)1. Failure to provide the fee or proof of previous compliance with this requirement will result in your execution being returned. Also add $2.00 for mailing expense; or appropriate mileage if we cannot mail the notice.

 2. Property Capable of Delivery
                               $90.00        Levy on property , make inventory
                                                  Plus Mileage

               VEHICLE LEVIES: If you want a vehicle levied upon, will need a copy of the Vehicle Title Record obtained from the NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles, Albany, NY. This will provide proof of ownership and show any outstanding liens. You should also provide us with the balance due to the lien holder. $200.00 towing expense will also be required in advance for a vehicle levy, this may increase if there are special circumstances.

Any request for levy on personal property of a debtor must be accompanied by proof of the debtor's interest in the property.

 3 .        Serve Property Execution on Debtor and Demand Payment
                               $60.00        Serve debtor and make demand
                                                  Plus Mileage

 4.         Real Property Executions. CPLR  5236
                               $60.00         Receive and process for sale of real property
                               $800.00       expenses in advance
                                                   Plus Mileage

 $10.00 Any copies of papers served, affidavits, inventory or description of Property
 $10.00 Certified Copy of Execution


An original and 4 copies of the execution must be sent

1. Both Stages in Chenango County
$76.00    Total due for 1st and 2nd stage

2. First Stage Service Only
$39.00      Serve defendant by mail in this county when employer is in another county

3 .Second Stage Service Only
$37.00         Serve on employer within this county when 1st stage has been completed in another county .

 *Included in above figures is $7.00 for certified mail and $2.00 for regular mail
Please note that should the income execution be served in the same manner as a summons, the above listed mailing expenses should be substituted with the normal mileage charges (This would be done if you have no home address for the defendant.)

                               $102.00       Serve and levy
                               $55.00         Additional levy
                               $32.00         Serve on additional defendant
                                               Plus Mileage
                               $57.00     Serve and execute
                                               Plus Mileage

                       Note: if prisoner is committed to jail:
                               $10.00        Commitment
                               $10.00        Discharge
                                                  Poundage is due for any fine collected

                               $15.00         Post notice of sale ( each posting)
                               $20.00         Draw/execute conveyance (pd. By bidder)
                               $15.00         Notice of postponement of sale
                               $15.00         Attend sale
                               $15.00         Conduct sale
                                                   Plus mileage

       8012( c ) Additional compensation. A sheriff is entitled in any case, including an instance in which a mandate has been stayed, vacated or set aside, or a settlement has been made after a levy, to such additional compensation for his trouble and expenses in taking possession of and preserving property under any mandate or in removing a person in possession of real property and the said person's property, as the court allows, and the court may make an order requiring the party liable therefor to pay the same to the sheriff.

       8013(c) Other expenses. A sheriff's entitled to reimbursement of all expenses necessarily incurred in the execution of any mandate and in the protection, presentation, transportation or sale of property.

       8013(d) Payment in advance. A sheriff, whenever he deems it necessary, may require payment to him in advance to cover any or all expenses for which he is entitled to reimbursement.
       If you think your action may require fees and expenses other than those listed, please call for a  total due.

       8012(b) Poundage fees.
       We expect to be paid for poundage in all circumstances covered by this section of law. A sheriff is entitled, for collecting money by virtue of an execution, an order of attachment, or an attachment for the payment of money in an action, or a warrant for the collection of money issued by the comptroller or by a county treasurer or by any agency of the state or a political subdivision thereof, or for collecting a fine by virtue of a commitment for civil contempt, to poundage of five per cent upon the first two hundred fifty thousand dollars collected, and three per cent upon the residue of the sum collected.

        Where a settlement is made after a levy by virtue of an execution, the sheriff is entitled to poundage upon the value of the property levied upon, not exceeding the sum at which the settlement is made. Where an execution is vacated or set aside, the sheriff is entitled to poundage upon the value of the property levied upon, not exceeding the amount specified in the execution, and the court may order the party liable therefore to pay the same to the sheriff.

       Where a settlement is made, either before or after judgment, after a levy by virtue of an order of attachment, the sheriff is entitled to poundage upon the value of the property levied upon, not exceeding the sum at which the settlement is made. Where an order of attachment is vacated or set aside, the sheriff is entitled to poundage upon the value of the property levied upon, not exceeding the amount specified in the order of attachment, and the court may order the party at whose instance the order of attachment was granted to pay the same to the sheriff. Where an order of attachment is otherwise discharged by order of the court, the sheriff is entitled to the same poundage, to be paid by the party at whose instance the order of attachment is discharged, and the sheriff is entitled to retain the property levied upon until the poundage is paid.