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Date:  30 April 2015


Nice website Sheriff

Pete Salamance, NY

Date:  27 June 2011


Really nice website Chenango County, Can you think about adding inmate information?

Rob Getts, NJ

Date:  28 September 2010


 “It’s an awesome website,”

Patricia Fiske, from Coventry, New York

Date:  12 March 2009


I just thought I would let you know that I really appreciate your KIDS PAGE! It has helped me teach my boys about safety when it comes to strangers and bullies and such. Thank you again! 

D.W. Coventry, NY

Date:  10 March 2009


Web site is nicely done and pretty well laid out.

Reynold F. Heuer, Jr., Nampa, ID

Date:  28 January 2009


Nice site.

Paniccia & Beck, LLP

Binghamton, NY


Date:  15 January 2009


Overall it is a nice site.  Probably could use a little more info on what it takes to become a Sheriff's deputy. 

Maybe a listing of pertinent Sheriff's office civil exams on a calendar form would be good too.


Regards, Chad White


Date:  22 October 2008


This web page is very well organized and presented. All workers of the Chenango County Police ,Corrections,

civil service, 911, and jail have done and outstanding job!

ps. My dad looks handsome in his picture!

James Loughren, oxford New York

Date:  10 September 2008


I would like to thank Deputy S. for his professional courtesy this evening. On the eve of Sept. 11 I will pass along to my father(NYPD) to return the favor to all of Chenango counties finest. Thanks for all the great work you do. (I will also treat my dad to dinner per your request) Thanks again!

 Krisi S., New Berlin, NY

Date:  09 September 2008


Earlier this summer, we had occasion to work with the Sheriff and his excellent personnel.  How often we take for granted our safety and freedoms.  Thankfully, Department folks were there for us, including Deputy Swislosky, the Undersheriff, and Mr. Loughren.  Thanks again for all your interest, understanding and support.

Tom and Donna Manley, Norwich

Date:  12 August 2008


Hi you guy have a nice  place keep up good work

Gary Clemons,  Barneveld NY

Date:  12 July 2008


Great job on your site. 

David C. Schult Kissimmee Fl.

Date:  27 May 2008




Date:  1 May 2008


Great website!!! Awesome Department!!!

Date:  19 April 2008


Your site was so interesting and informative I had to call a friend to tell her about it. 

Great work, Andreas Johnson. NY

Date:  6 April 2008


First I would thank tom for the time he took to give me a tour of the new jail. after working  in the old jail in the 60's and 70's I don't see how we did the work we did with what we had. Tom, you and your staff have taken this department to a new level. keep up the excellent pride and respect you have earned, and don't let anyone take you backwards. you make Joe proud. tom hearth former Chen. Co. Deputy p.s. just to let you know, my daughter is now CSI with Clay County Sheriff's Dept, Orange Park, Florida

Date:  29 March 2008


Nice website! Great work on the updates. You should be proud!!!


Date:  12 March 2008


This is one of the best sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! Very nice and informal. I enjoy looking thru it.  V.M. Oxford, NY

Date:  5 March  2008


great website, keep up the good work,,,,lady from South New Berlin

Date:  28 January 2008


Hi my name is Britney Cunningham I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much everyone appreciates all the work you all have done keeping everyone safe and keeping the bad people off the streets. Thanks again

Date:  19 January 2008


Very impressive page.
Judge Thomas Hosford

Date:  15 December 2006


I just wanted to give you feedback on your Website.  I have to visit so many sites for different counties and yours is outstanding. This site is full of useful information and the directions are clear and concise. Thank you for taking the time to develop such a wonderful people friendly site.  


Jodi Bottita

Otsego County Department of Social Services

Date:  31 August  2006


    Excellent website and congratulations on the “new” Sheriff’s Office!  I will look forward to visiting next time. Best wishes to Chenango County’s finest and hope that everyone is doing well!  Jeff Hanson – Fort Mill, South Carolina

Cadet Deputy – Chenango County Sheriff’s Office (1977-79)

Date:  22 July  2006


   In the early 1970s I was a reporter with the Binghamton Evening Press and did some fill-in work in the news bureau in Norwich. The county sheriff at the time was a man by the name of Joe Benenati. I believe he used to be a state trooper. I hope that I spelled that name right. Anyway, Chenango County had the best sheriff in the state in that guy. I've not been back in years, but I've thought about Sheriff Benenati from time to time. He's a good man.   Alan Koonse - Arkansas

Date:  29 June 2006


     A very interesting Web Site- The Dept has come a long ways over the years and had some great leadership during the time- Chenango Co can be very proud of this accomplishment.  I started my law enforcement career back there first with the Oxford PD then was hired by Frank Machio in 56 and at that time we had a total of 5 fulltime, Sheriff Machio, Undersheriff Halprin(not sure on spelling), Dep. Harry Rickard, Dep. Roger Adsit and myself.  Thanks to Frank and Tri-Co Motor Club I attended and graduated from the NYS Police Academy, which at that time was in Troy, NY.  After Franks illness I had the honor of working with and for Sheriff Joe Benenati and promoted by Joe, to Sgt Chief Criminal Deputy.  A few yrs later left the dept and went back to work at Oxford PD, reason being a better salary.  Spent several yrs there then left Chenango Co. to work for Penn State Univ. spent 2 yrs at Univ Park then transferred to PSU Behrend College in Erie PA  where I retired from in 91 as Asst Mgr of Police and Safety.  So I look back over the years and have a lot to be thankful for to Chenango Co. and my start in the law enforcement field, specially to Frank and Joe.  Keep up the good work and God Bless each and all of you in the department. 
Gene Johnson - Findely Lake, NY 

Date: 29 April 2006


This is a very unique website, I mostly enjoyed the Warming Sheriffs Camp Pictures. Chelsey M Trottier


Date: 27 Mar 2006


Excellent site, has a lot of useful information. Could use a link for employment opportunities to make it that much better.  Would like to move out in that area after my time in the AF. I am an avid hunter in the Pitcher area and surrounding areas. Love the layout of the land. Keep up the good work.

Jason Coon - Ellsworth AFB, SD


Date: 09 Jun 2005


I was on Madison County website and noticed that they had DARE graduations posted with pictures of the kids and the deputy. Do you have a DARE Officer for our local schools. If you would like to check out the site it was.

Date: 06 Jun 2005


Found your site do be very well done. We are interested in moving to the area in the near future. We find your area to be like the way our area used to be 15 years ago. We want to get back to that type of living, peaceful and quite. A question I would like to ask is do you hire new people often for corrections? thank You, Charlie M (Monroe, NY)

Date: 23 May 2005


I find your site missing a lot of information. How many deputies, Sgt's, Lt's, and Capt's do you have for patrol. Do you have a traffic/DWI patrol, bike and ATV patrol. Good start but needs a little update.


Date: 17 Apr 2005


The people of Chenango County should consider themselves fortunate to have such a professional organization serving them! Your Department is a model for Law Enforcement everywhere, keep up the good work. DWF (formerly of Afton, NY)


Date: 15 Apr 2005


Great Site !! Very interesting and informative ! D.N. N.Y.


Date: 14 Apr 2005


Nice Web Site! U.K. Norwich, N.Y.


Date: 12 Apr 2005


 I can see that a lot of work and thought has gone into putting together this website. I especially liked the history section and the updates on the new facility. I found it very easy to navigate. There was a variety of articles to keep me interested. Keep up the good work. Thank you for doing such a professional job. Mary Ann Thompson, Morris, NY


Date: 20 Mar 2005


I like your website! I am considering moving to your area and was looking for information . You've done a great job here with this site. Vicki J Bortz - York, PA


Date: 17 Mar 2005


What a great website, very informative, great job! keep up the good work.

BJM of Norwich, New York


Date: 12 Mar 2005


Great website, something to be proud of. Peter Bollins, Norwich, Ny


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