Deputy Chad O'Hara and his partner “Jeroen”


           The Chenango County Sheriff’s Office - Patrol Division currently has one (1) New York State Certified “K-9" Police Dog.  The K-9 team of  Deputy Chad O'Hara and his partner “Jeroen” are both New York State certified in Narcotic Detection and the Tracking of humans.  The Sheriff’s Office utilizes it’s  K-9 patrols for searches:  lost or missing persons / children, illegal narcotics, suspects, vehicles, buildings and the Chenango County Correctional Facility. The K-9 patrols also are available for assisting other local Law Enforcement agencies

with various searches and K-9 demonstrations for local schools and organizations. The K-9 Units  are very valuable “crime fighting and crime prevention” tools being utilized by the Sheriff’s Office on a daily basis.        



In 2014, Deputy O'Hara & "Jeroen" were involved in the following searches:


             28    Vehicle & Houses Searches for Narcotics

             8      K-9 Demonstrations

             11    School Searches

             8      Correctional Facility Searches

             6      Warrant and Backups

             6      Tracks and area searches

             5      Call Outs  

             2      Out of County Deployments

             12    Drugs Located

             60    Training Days