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The Next Basic Pistol Safety Course will be held on Saturday, February 22nd 2014 from 0900 hours until     1200 hours at the Chenango County Sheriff's Office.  Contact Sergeant Ted Ellingsen at 337-1854 for  registration. We will be taking registration requests until Tuesday February 18th for the class.







The Chenango County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting the next “Basic Pistol Safety Course” (3hrs) at the Sheriff’s Office on Saturday November 02, 2013 from 9 am to 12 noon.

Anyone wishes to registry for this “free” course must have a newly issued Chenango County Pistol Permit and contact UnderSheriff Jim Lloyd at # 607-337-1864 weekdays.

Pictured from left to right: John Newton, Jeff Cola, Sheriff Ernest R. Cutting Jr. & Doug Bruno

On August 20, 2013, the Norwich Elks Lodge generously donated $ 1000.00 dollars to the Chenango County Sheriff's Office - Summer Youth Camp. The donation was made by Elks members; Exalted Ruler Jeff Cola, Trustees John Newton and Doug Bruno. The funds will be used by Sheriff Cutting at the Sheriff's Office annual Summer Youth Camp for Drug Abuse education & prevention.

Sheriff Cutting "Thanks the Norwich Elks Lodge for their continued support of the Sheriff's Summer Youth Camp".



The Chenango County Sheriff’s Office - Communications Division has been re-accredited by the New York State Sheriff’s Association for another five year period. Chenango County Sheriff Ernest R. Cutting Jr. was presented with a plaque for the Sheriff’s Office Emergency 911 Center from NYS Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Peter R. Kehoe before the County Board of Supervisors on June 11th, 2013.
An on-site review of 70 accreditation standards was completed in March of 2013 by State Sheriff’s Accreditation assessors. These standards cover all 911 operations and the communications division met or exceeded all accreditation standards. The Communications Division was first accredited in March of 2008.
       Also receiving special recognition from the State Sheriff’s Association were Chief Dispatcher A. Wesley Jones and Accreditation Program Manager Dispatcher George Finch.
       Sheriff Cutting commended his entire dispatch staff on their continued hard work and outstanding dedication to the State Sheriff’s Accreditation Program.

Photo ID (left to right):Dispatcher George Finch, NYS Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Peter Kehoe, Sheriff Ernest R. Cutting Jr. and Chief Dispatcher A. Wesley Jones

On Monday 03/11/2013, at the Chenango County Board meeting Chenango County Sheriff Ernest R. Cutting Jr. was presented with Re-Accreditation Award for the Sheriff’s Office – Correctional Facility from NYS Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Mr. Peter R. Kehoe.

The County Correctional Facility was first accredited in 2007 and they were re-accredited in November of 2012, when State Sheriff’s Accreditation assessors conducted an “on-site” review of 166 accreditation standards. These standards cover all Correctional Facility operations including Safety & Security, Medical services, inmate Educational services and meal services. The Correctional Facility either exceeded or met all 166 accreditation standards.

Also receiving special recognition from the NYS Sheriff’s Association was Correctional Facility Jail Administrator Lt. Douglas Schult and Accreditation Program Manager Sgt. Tonya Shoales.

Sheriff Cutting commended his entire Correctional Facility Staff on their continued hard work and outstanding dedication to the State Sheriff’s Accreditation Program.

PHOTO CCSO 1: from left to right

Mr. Peter Kehoe, Sheriff Cutting, Sgt. Tonya Shoales (Accreditation Program Manager) & Lt. Douglas Schult (Jail Administrator)

PHOTO CCSO 2: from left to right

Mr. Peter Kehoe and Sheriff Cutting

February 28, 2013

Sheriff Cutting receives donation for Sheriff’s Summer Camp from Norwich Elks President Jeff Cola.


February 28, 2013

Sheriff Cutting speaks with Loin Club about Sheriff’s Summer Youth Camp


October 3, 2012

Lori Kemerrer, cancer outreach specialist for the Chenango Health Network and Sheriff Ernest R. Cutting Jr. placing pink ribbons on the sheriff's office vehicles. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October 2, 2012

Many People have asked about posting the inmate commissary list on the website to help them figure out how much money to send. Unfortunately, this is a long list and changes frequently. Inmates are allowed to purchase up to 50.00 weekly of commissary items.


September 19, 2012

Norwich, NY - The Chenango County Sheriff's        Office held the graduation ceremony for the 2012 Corrections Academy. 10 Recruits and their friends and family were honored.


April 9, 2012

NORWICH, NY A Chenango County Sheriff’s dispatcher today received a national award for helping save the life of a choking victim.


Jeffrey Harter of the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office was named the national winner of the Smart Telecommunicator Award for taking a frantic 9-1-1 call

in June 2011 from a mother who reported that her 17-year-old disabled daughter was choking and unable to breath. Drawing off emergency medical dispatch training, Harter’s professionalism, compassion and reassurance kept the caller calm during the desperate situation, enabling him to provide instructions that saved the victim’s life.

“Dispatcher Jeff Harter's work exhibits the dedication of this agency to the public we serve.  The effort by Jeff to constantly improve his knowledge and ability to handle these types of stressful situations are a credit to him, the Chenango County Sheriff's Office and all the dedicated Public Safety Dispatchers throughout the country,” said Sheriff Ernest R. Cutting, Jr., during a ceremony honoring Harter held today at the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office. “His professional response during this incident saved Lauren LaMariana.  I commend him for his attention to detail during this critical incident and compassion for the life of another." 

“I was in a panic when I realized Lauren was choking,” said Gwen Hornbeck during the ceremony, whose daughter, Lauren LaMariana, was saved by Harter. “Jeff calmed me down and I know his instructions helped us to save her life. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for my daughter”. 

The Smart Telecommunicator Awards are conducted by Rave Mobile Safety’s Smart911 in partnership with the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT).  

In addition to the Award, Smart911 presented a donation of $1,000 in Harter’s name to the American Cancer Society, a charity chosen by him and the family.

Last month, 9-1-1 call-takers and dispatchers (telecommunicators) from across the U.S. were nominated by peers to receive recognition for leadership, performance and overall contributions to their Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). The general public reviewed 20 finalists online and thousands voted to determine a national winner, named today to draw attention to National Telecommunicators Week (April 8-14) and the valuable services provided by these professionals.  

“Our goal is to honor telecommunicators for their skills and detail the crucial services that this profession provides,” said Tom Axbey, chief executive officer of Rave Mobile Safety. “Jeff’s response to this call illustrates the fast-action and composure required to effectively deal with diverse emergency situations.”

Sheriff Ernest R. Cutting Jr. unveils the Chenango

County Sheriff’s Office newest Narcotic Enforcement vehicle.    

In November of 2010, Sheriff Cutting successfully obtained a 1992 Military 2-door 4x4 Humvee from the United States Military 1033  Program.   The 1033 Program allows Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide to receive Department of Defense surplus property at no cost.   The military property must be used for Law Enforcement operations more specifically Narcotic Enforcement efforts.   

The Sheriff Office picked up the Humvee at Fort Drum Military Base in Fort Drum NY.   The 1992 4x4 Humvee has 13,000 miles and it’s powered by a V8 diesel motor.   The Humvee was originally camouflage green, but was painted black by “Oxford Motors” of Oxford NY.   The Humvee also had canvas doors that were replaced with metal fabricated doors from the “Little Boy’s Shop” of Oxford NY.    The Sheriff’s Humvee also had emergency lights & siren installed for special purpose patrol use.     

The Humvee is valued by the Military at $ 30,000.00 dollars, but was obtained by the Sheriff at no cost to the County.   The cost of painting, replacing the doors and the installation of the emergency lights were all paid for by assets (cash) seized from Drug Dealers during narcotic investigations in Chenango County.     

 Sheriff Cutting says “ Our Humvee will be used primarily for Narcotic Enforcement through-out Chenango County, mainly for the eradication of marihuana crops.  However, we will also utilize the Humvee for emergency rescues and during states of emergencies or natural disasters (floods, snow & ice storm, etc.)   In fact the Humvee was used by Patrol Members in the Towns of Greene, Bainbridge and Afton during the Tropical Storm Lee flooding in September of this year.” adds Sheriff Cutting. 

In August of 2011, the Sheriff’s Office also obtained a second 1992 Military 4-door Humvee from Fort Drum that will be converted into a Narcotic / Emergency Response Vehicle.     

Photos of the Sheriff’s Humvee are available upon request to UnderSheriff Lloyd at # 607-337-1864 or 

Thank You!


Photos from Deputy Dwight Meade's Retirement party on July 9, 2011


Join us in wishing Deputy Dwight Meade a Happy Retirement after 24 years of service to the people of Chenango County.


The Chenango County Sheriff's Office is investigating the crash of a small plane at the Warren Eaton Airport in Norwich. More details to follow.